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Here is what people have to say about us:

What a nice guy! So polite, friendly & professional. Came over 15 minutes after I called and spent his first 5 minutes inspecting my entire garage door to see about saving me time and money. Fixed it for a very fair price and told me to call if I have any problems with the door in the future. I don't know what it was, but it was such a pleasant experience working with Mike, seriously! He made sure I'm calm and walked me through the process before he started and basically made my panicky morning a pleasant one. I really hope my review helps this company because there aren't many good, honest people left out there today (from my personal experience), and this company offers just that.

Thank you for being nice and honest Mike!


Amanda Stevenson - Berkeley, CA

I actually called AAA Quick Garage Door Repair for my sister. Her garage door would'nt open when she tried to leave for work and the first she did was call me so I can go there and open it for her. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about garage doors so I called Mike and explained to him what my sister had explained to me. He was there within 10 minutes, already working on her door and fixed it in no time! She called me on her way to work, telling me how nice he was and how he taught her to self-service her garage door to prevent from something like this to ever happen again. We both called Mike to say thank you again, and here is our review for the rest of you to see.


Chris Ramirez - Berkeley, CA

My garage door spring broke and the door wouldn't open. Called Mike at AAA Quick Garage Door Repair and told him what happened and the first thing he asked was if this was an emergency. It wasn't, and I work from home so I didn't really needed to open it right away but of course I wanted to get it fixed. Mike gave me a very good price over the phone, and to my surprise, the price stayed the same after he replaced the spring for me! Thanks Mike. Always a pleasure supporting good, honest, professional people..


Laura Robinson - Berkeley, CA

Made it simple, easy & even fun to learn about the different openers. Mine broke and had to be replaced so I called AAA Quick Garage and Mike came over to look at it. He gave me a very good deal for a new opener and came back the next morning to install it. Did a very clean and professional job. I'm very happy with how it works now. Thanks again!


Erin Fairfield - Berkeley, CA

My wife and I wanted to replace our garage door and we somehow found Mike. The funny thing was that he was trying to convince us the fix the existing one to save money before we replace it, so we basically fell in love with the guy within the first 10 minutes or so. After we talked for about a half an hour and had some coffee together, he agreed to go over replacing the door for us and showed us for the start the process of picking one. We already knew what we wanted so we gave him our sample that we found online and he said that his manufacturer would custom build it for us.. Gave us an incredibly good deal on the door and installed it two weeks later. Was an absolute please working with you Mike. Thanks a lot!


Jonathan Barker - Berkeley, CA

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