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Garage Door Repair Berkeley CA

Our Company

At AAA Quick Garage Door Repair Berkeley CA, we guarantee our work and your satisfaction. We work hard to make sure we leave every single home owner with a smile. Give it a try yourself and we promise you won't regret it!

Our Services

We offer all garage door services including:

Garage door spring repair, garage door opener repair and installation, garage door installation, garage door service, garage door maintenance, garage door cable repair, garage door tune-up, and much more.

Our Customers Say

We take special pride in our personal service. Customers who have used us before say that we are the most efficient and honest company they ever had the pleasure of doing business with.


Why pick AAA Quick Garage Door Repair Berkeley CA:


First of all, you would be supporting your local business and not an outsider. Second of all, you don't pay unless your garage door is fully repaired and working properly again! You basically have nothing to lose.

What is the main difference between all garage door repair companies?


The main difference is location. You always want to hire a local company because the response time is critical. Otherwise, Choose a company that offers good, honest, fair priced, professional service like ourselves.

How can I really know if AAA Quick Garage Door Service Berkeley CA is good?


Honestly, you can't! Not based on our 5 star review, or any other client that we serviced in the past, because your specific need is different than everybody else's. Try us out and see for yourself. We promise you won't regret you decision!

Garage Door Repair Berkeley CA

Made it simple, easy & even fun to learn about the different openers. Mine broke and had to be replaced so I called AAA Quick Garage and Mike came over to look at it. He gave me a very good deal for a new opener and came back the next morning to install it. Did a very clean and professional job. I'm very happy with how it works now. Thanks again!


Erin Fairfield - Berkeley, CA

Garage Door Repair Berkeley CA

Spring Repair & Replacement


We fix broken springs! Call us today to have your garage door spring replaced!

Garage Door Repair Berkeley CA

Opener Repair & Replacement


Opener doesn't work? No problem! Let us show you how to repair/replace it!

Garage Door Repair Berkeley CA

New Garage Door Installation


Let us help you pick the right garage door for your home and install it for you.

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